Welcome to Bullfrogs Rewards Points Program.

We appreciate every customer here at Bullfrog. We are happy to offer an aggressive rewards program.

Earning Rewards Points is Easy.

  • Make sure you have an account setup
  • Once you have an account you will automatically earn 15 points on every dollar you spend.
  • Sorry shipping and sales tax don't count towards Rewards Points
  • Returns or Credit will deduct from your rewards points at the same rate they were earned.
  • Your Rewards Points never expire so you can save them and see how much you can earn.

Check Your Rewards Points Balance

  • You can check Your Rewards Points any time
  • Just login to your account
  • Click on Rewards Points to see your present Rewards Points Balance
  • Or Click on Rewards Points History to see all of your Earnings and Redemption

Spending Your Rewards Points

  • If you have a redeemable amount of Rewards Points you will be able to redeem at Check Out.
  • You can start Redeeming Rewards Points after you have earned 4500 Points.
  • 4500 Points gets you a $20.00 product credit
  • Sorry no cash value for points will be issued