When you think of CBD, you think of CBD oil. But not everyone is comfortable with the earthy taste of CBD oil, which+When you think of CBD, you think of CBD oil. But not everyone is comfortable with the earthy taste of CBD oil, which is why people tend to opt for CBD edibles like CBD capsules and CBD gummies. Though edibles but these are two different products, and here we have thrown light on both:

What are CBD gummies?

This is the edible form of CBD which needs to be chewed and swallowed, much like other food items. As soon as these are chewed, these start releasing the CBD, which begins to be absorbed through mucosal membranes in the mouth and from there it enters the bloodstream. In other words, it becomes readily available for your body to use quickly; it acts faster than a CBD capsule. Also, the longer you chew gummies, the faster they tend to kick in. Consumers have reported an onset of 30 minutes to 1 hour, and effects lasting an average of 4-8 hours.

What are CBD capsules?

CBD capsules are gel-like formulation filled with CBD oil. These capsules have a flexible, protective gel coating instead of hard coating like other capsules. These are filled with organic full-spectrum hemp extract. The protective coating prevents the capsule material from breaking down in the mouth; these are instead swallowed and are digested in the stomach where digestive enzymes work on these and break it down. CBD is released when the protective coating is dissolved and gets absorbed in the stomach into the bloodstream.

While CBD capsules kick in a bit slower, these offer long-lasting effects compared to other modalities on the market.

Though both of these contain CBD, one form offers better help for a certain conditions, other is better for certain other conditions. Here, we have mentioned what conditions are better managed by gummies and what are better managed by capsules.

Conditions better managed by gummies:

  • Chronic pain

While capsules would be equally good for chronic pain, gummies are more enjoyable to take throughout the day.

  • Conditions in children

If your pediatrician allows you to use CBD to help your child manage a condition, you should opt for gummies as these present a familiar and tasty delivery method.

Conditions better managed by capsules

  • Anxiety

For those who feel stressed and are anxious about the intake of CBD, they should opt for CBD capsules as these don’t require chewing.

  • Diabetes

CBD capsules don’t contain sugar while gummies do. So diabetic patients should opt for CBD capsules and not gummies.

This was all about CBD gummies and capsules. Hope this blog would have given you clear idea about what to opt for. Whatever be your decision, you can find both these products in our BUY CBD section.